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Shadow Ballads

Shadow Ballads - Matt Spencer This collection of tales has a seriously Lovecraft bent. The kind of stories that will have you checking under your bed (or your deck chair) for very nasty monsters. Matt Spencer shows himself equally at home with a ghoulishly atmospheric 19th century setting and more modern tales of terror. The contemporary scares in "Lambs of Slaughter in Blue and Gold" and "Voice of Reason" particularly gave me delicious shivers. And the quiet Vermont setting for "The Face in The Flame" gave the supernatural events of the tale that much more scary oomph!Full disclosure- I've known Matt Spencer since we were both 16, at a writer's workshop at UVa. Even then, I knew he had a talent for the chilling tale, and it's great to see it getting a wider audience.There are some hitchy spots in the text- a few typos that I wish a proofreader had caught, mostly. The vagaries of starting out in self publication. So I see this as a collection with some very strong stories, and a definite guide to the potential Matt Spencer brings to the spooky tale- can't wait to see what he writes next.